Robert Loe to speak at the Character Scotland Conference this weekend

Character, Culture and Values‘ is an international conference to be hosted by Character Scotland and partners in Glasgow on 15th and 16th June 2015. It will be the first event of its kind in Scotland, designed to explore and build on the continuing global shift towards character and values-based education. 

What are the purposes of education? If we were to design an education system to cultivate positive character attributes and values, would it look like the system we have now? Taking a ‘systems’ perspective, the seminar will include catalyst presentations from leading experts in Creativity, Leadership, Positive Education and Relationships.

The seminar will be introduced and chaired by Colin Mair (CEO, Improvement Service) and will include four short Pecha Kucha style presentations from the catalyst speakers: Gillian Hamilton, James O’Shaughnessy, Joe Hallgarten and Relational Schools’ Research Director.

The intention of this session is to take a ‘systems’ view of education and to consider, from a variety of perspectives, what the education system would look like if was designed specifically for character development and/or to what extent we are already doing this. Speakers will explore the role of leadership in education for character development, the positive education movement and its systematic approach to character development, the possible tensions between creativity and character education, and the relational schools approach to building community and fraternity.



    • Marion Darling

      Gutted to miss this but it’s the busiest time as our students get ready to finish up. Will transcripts of summaries be available afterwards?

    • Rob Loe

      I am not certain but we can ask. I am hoping to make an audio file available to accompany the slides that will be published after the conference.

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