The College of Teaching

The College of Teaching will be the new independent chartered professional body for the teaching profession. The College will be committed to the improvement of education through the support of teacher development and recognition of excellence in teaching. It will be led by teachers, enabling the teaching profession to take responsibility for its professional destiny, set its own aspirational standards and help teachers to challenge themselves to be ever better for those they serve.

The proposals for the new College of Teaching have been developed through extensive consultation with the teaching profession and have gained widespread support across the profession and with related stakeholder groups.

They are now seeking to appoint the 13 founding trustees of the new College. The founding board will be tasked with establishing a professional body that can deliver the broad vision set out for the College of Teaching and create a member proposition that will attract a critical mass of members to be sustainable.

The College wishes to attract teachers and other individuals with relevant professional knowledge and experience needed to set up a new membership organisation. The role of trustee offers the opportunity to play a key leadership and governance role in the creation of a new professional body that will have a profound and positive impact on the teaching profession and, ultimately, on the lives of learners. The trustee roles are voluntary positions. Expenses incurred will be reimbursed and cover may be available for trustees holding positions in schools as necessary.

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Closing date: noon on 16th June 2015

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