Anti-bullying WeekTo support this year’s #ANTIBULLYINGWEEK, Relational Schools has teamed-up with koko to raise awareness and provide resource and stimulus material for assembly halls up and down the country.

koko founder, Meg Cannon, writes for us today…

For the past two years we’ve had messages like these popping up in our inbox:

‘They just all turned against me.’

‘She’s sending nasty text messages to my phone.’

‘She won’t even smile at me anymore, let alone talk to me.’

‘I’ve lost my best friend, it’s as if we’re arch enemies.’

‘I hear them talking about me.’

We are ‘koko’, a multi award-winning blog for teenage girls. The koko team make short films tackling some of the most difficult subjects that teenage girls are facing – such as identity, relationships, bullying, self-harm, anorexia, depression and bereavement. Koko aims to help teenage girls explore life together, with the hope of inspiring, challenging and encouraging them.

In February the koko team travelled to Stockport to take assemblies and discussion groups for Years 7, 8 and 9 at Stockport School. As expected, the conversations about friendships continued – we heard stories of toxic relationships and destructive fall-outs. We decided we needed to explore the subject of friendship and so began producing a new spoken word film.

We gathered the multitude of stories we’d heard and wove them together into the spoken word piece which we filmed with 30 young women from Stockport School. The short film, called I’ve Got Your Back, promotes healthy friendships calling on teenage girls to encourage each other and build one another up.

‘When did it become ok to ruin someone’s day?’

The reality is, we can all make an effort to be kinder, more generous and caring and as the film says “It starts with you”. Our hope is that this film will create a ripple effect with teenage girls across the UK and beyond as we begin to explore what healthy friendships look like.


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