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We’re excited to announce the forthcoming publication by Cambridge University Press of our new book ‘The Relational Lens: Understanding, managing and measuring stakeholder relationships’


The Relational Lens shows how relationships work in and between organizations, and explores their role in social and relational capital, risk management, value-creation and competitive advantage. It sets out the Relational Proximity framework® – a scalable analytic tool which has been used successfully for twenty years to understand, measure and influence relationships in organisations, and which can be applied at almost any level in the private and public sectors worldwide.

relationallensbasicRelationships are key to organisational performance – whether in companies, schools, hospitals, social care, prisons or NGOs. But until now there has been no satisfactory way to measure relationships, and thus no basis for creating relational KPIs or effectively managing relational processes in organisations. New corporate governance codes and Integrated Reporting have recently highlighted this need.

Drawing on the authors’ many years of experience, and integrating insights from many disciplines and sectors, The Relational Lens examines the conditions within which people are more likely to form and conduct effective relationships. This provides the language and concepts to enable constructive discussion and actionable solutions in building trust and sustainable value.


John Ashcroft is Research Director at the Relationships Foundation and co-author of Relationships in the NHS (with Geoffrey Meads, 1999) and The Case for Interprofessional Collaboration in Health and Social Care (with Geoffrey Meads, 2005).

Roy Childs has worked in organisations at senior levels for more than twenty years focusing on developing capability and building relationships. He is an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society and a Chartered Occupational Psychologist.

Alison Myers is an experienced consultant, facilitator and trainer. She has been a senior managing consultant with Accenture’s Change Management and Human Performance practice and is now an ordained Anglican minister.

Michael Schluter is an economist and social entrepreneur who has launched ten not-for-profit organisations and was awarded a CBE in the Queen’s New Year’s honours in 2009. He co-authored The R Factor (with David John Lee, 1993) andThe Relational Manager (with David John Lee, 2009).


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