CAMBRIDGE, UK – January 10, 2014

Relational Research has launched a new education initiative that will put relationships at the heart of school organisation, curriculum and practice.

The Relational Schools Project will run for an initial period of three years and will focus on a range of schools across the UK and internationally. Working with parents, teachers, governors, policy makers and the wider community, the project will aim to increase standards in education through involving all stakeholders in schools.

Robert Loe, Director of the Relational Schools Project, said ‘I am delighted to announce the launch of this education initiative. Education is currently in a period of sustained reform and this presents a great opportunity for us to consider what education is for. We want to make use of this opportunity to ensure that human relationships are kept at the heart of the system. In doing this we ensure that the whole community benefits.’

Relational Schools is an education research and consultancy organisation seeking to raise educational outcomes through building good relationships in schools and the wider community.

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More information about the project can be found on the Relational Schools Project website

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