Pictured above: Paul DeKloe, Dr Robert Loe and Anne -Jan van den Dool (Director and founder of  MijnID.nu)


CamYES PR Photo 29.06.16bridge UK- Friday 1st July, 2016- Relational Schools UK is delighted to announce a partnership with MijnID.nu in Holland, to establish the first parallel international research centre: Relationele Scholen Nederland, with the purpose of promoting and developing the research undertaken by Dr Robert Loe and his team at Relational Schools Project.

The innovative research model, which already has international links, will shortly be implemented as a pioneering model to conduct research into the quality of relationships in an initial 85 schools in the Netherlands. Anne Jan Van Den Dool, director of MijnID.nu, who has been negotiating agreements with Educationalist Paul De Kloe, believes that

“Fulham, Hargreaves and Martano all refer to relationships as the primary foundations of education, but none has defined what a good relation is. Relational Schools is providing information that helps to qualify the relation”

The ground breaking research will provide unprecedented analysis of relationships in education to facilitate increased harmony between students, teachers and parents.

Dr Rob Loe, Director of Relational Schools UK, added that:

“At a time of such turbulence and uncertainty across Europe, it is right that organisations like Relational Schools model unity, cooperation and partnership with others in Europe. In MijnID.nu, we have found great common purpose in our vision for society and education. We are thrilled to be partnering with them to develop our research outside of the United Kingdom”

Relational Schools eagerly anticipates the widespread benefits this new partnership will undoubtedly reap for all involved and particuarly the ability to make international comparison in our research. Learning from others, and working with our partners, is a primary mechanism for enhancing the quality (and robustness) of our approach.

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