CAMBRIDGE, UK – February 6, 2014

Robert Loe, Director of the Relational Schools Project, has been invited to deliver a keynote address at a forthcoming Cambridge University conference.

The conference will be hosted by the Faculty of Education and will take place on February 21, 2014. The title of Robert’s talk will be ‘Why Educate? A Relational Perspective’.

The conference will focus specifically on Christian teachers in the classroom, and speakers will be invited to share thoughts from their experience as educators.

Further details about the event will be available shortly.

Robert Loe said ‘There is a real need, in every area of society, to address the relational impact of our current way of thinking about the world. Materialism and Individualism teach us to look to our own needs and desires, but a relational approach encourages us to think about how we can serve each other better, and build a stronger, happier, society.’

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