Engaging stakeholders in education

We believe Ofsted’s understanding of the working partnership between home and school is impoverished; collaboration is not sufficiently understood from the view of one side of the relationship. Knowledge of how well the relationship functions is not gained solely from the view of the parent. Schools tell us that it is not just the parent’s view which matters…it is “our view as well”. The Relational schools project is developing a tool, the rView, which provides a relational view of the partnership and promotes a facilitated dialogue which seeks to understand whether a school could learn something about itself and how it might improve by talking to, and really engaging with, its parental stakeholders.

 The inspectorate tell parents that “by sharing [their] views, [they’ll] be helping [their] child’s school to improve.” But that is to assume that the school is the only agent of action in the improvement cycle it sets out and/or in the life of a student. By recognising that true parental engagement is in the dynamic relationship between parent and school, then any survey must capture the views held about each other and the means by which the organisation and parental stakeholders could move forward as a result.

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