A new measure of school success

One possible solution to the emerging short-term culture in education could be to introduce a new measure of educational performance that encouraged schools to consider long-term objectives, such as the continuing development of school leavers. This approach would encourage schools to equip their students with skills that, while perhaps not immediately required for examination success, would bring benefits in later life. Rather than just teaching students to pass exams, schools would become places where students are encouraged to grow into well-rounded young people who are well-prepared to meet the challenges of the future.

We propose a new measure of school success: the D7 measure (Destination Seven). With D7 the aim to is to track the progress of school leavers after the end of compulsory schooling (at 16). The aim would be to track their development for a period of seven years to better understand their long-term development.

The first priority in education – if by education we mean learning to be human – is learning to live in personal relation to other people… I call this the first priority because failure in this is fundamental failure, which cannot be compensated for by success in other fields. (John Macmurray)

To read more about the D7 measure, please visit our Resources page.

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