We measure the quality of relationships between people in schools and, through our analysis and subsequent advice and interventions, seek to influence organisational practice and policy with a relational agenda.

Our work demonstrates how a focus on improving relationships in schools improves a broad range of educational and social outcomes, and can overcome disadvantages

Our main aim is to build relational capital and capability in the lives of students, teachers, families and communities by supporting positive and evidence-based change in: the way schools are organised; the way schools conduct their practice with respect to teaching, learning, leadership and management; and the way system-level organisations and authorities influence school practice through policy or regulation.






Lines of Data

Dr Robert Loe

Dr Robert Loe

Group CEO of the Relationships Foundation
Dr Rob Loe is the Group CEO of the Relationships Foundation. He joined the wider family of relational organisations back in 2013, to found Relational Schools, having worked as a teacher and senior school leader for well over a decade. He studied Education at Cambridge University where he pursued areas of specialism such as schooling and exclusion, the family and community dimensions of social exclusion and school improvement and effectiveness. Having completed a doctorate in 2015 which focussed on the measurement of human relationships, Robert now researches, writes and speaks on the importance of fostering positive relationships between key stakeholders in schools. He is based in Melbourne, Victoria, splitting his time between work with a national school group as a specialist in organisational culture and community development whilst establishing our Asia-pacific office in Australia.
Neil Prem

Neil Prem

Executive Director
Neil joined the Foundation in April 2019 as our COO and was recently made our Executive Director with particular oversight of all our UK activity and our work with businesses throughout the world. He strongly believes in the power of thriving communities, places where everyone can live, contribute and flourish. He has helped to transform over 1500 emerging social entrepreneurs from 50 nations into inspiring thought leaders that people want to follow and in doing so helped to launch hundreds of new social businesses, enterprises and community projects.
Ben Gibbs

Ben Gibbs

Head of Programmes
As Head of Programmes, Ben Gibbs ensures the Foundation’s projects run smoothly and deliver against expectations. This means he is often a client or grant-funder’s main point of contact from the start, with responsibility for maintaining the relationship over time. He has taught and worked in educational policy and assessment, and consulted on curriculum, leadership and organisational strategy. He holds postgraduate qualifications in teaching, educational leadership and organisation development.
John Ashcroft

John Ashcroft

Head of Research
John has been with Relationships Foundation since launch. He has played a lead role in the development of the relational metrics used in many of our projects and led our work on healthcare and family policy. Much of his recent work has focused on relationships and wellbeing in schools. He also continues to provide research, strategy and communications support to some of the initiatives we have spun off. He is the co-author of The Relational Lens (CUP 2017) The Case for Interprofessional Collaboration (Blackwell 2005) and Relationships in the NHS (RSM 2000).
James Griffin

James Griffin

Senior Research Analyst
Dr. James Griffin is a Senior Research Analyst for the Relationships Foundation. He holds a BA in Psychology and Criminology, an MA in Education and a Post-Compulsory PGCE. Most recently he has completed his PhD with UWE Bristol. Now with specialisms in Adult Learning, Professional Training and Data in Education, he has taught from primary to postgraduate, most recently acting as the Educational Architect for Improbable Worlds. Now he is focusing on working with us to measure, visualise find insight in the relational networks we experience.
Sarah Abraham

Sarah Abraham

Operations Manager
Sarah is the Operations Manager of the Relationships Foundation managing the day-to-day operations, finance, governance, HR and outsourced supplier relationships. She has previously worked for several charities in India and serves on the Board of Governors of a non-profit organization providing a home and education for destitute women and children in India.







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