- Relationships Foundation -

Relational Schools is part of Relationships Foundation, a charity that seeks to foster the relationships that are important for individual and community wellbeing.

Founded in 1994, our first project on Relational Justice looked at how a criminal justice system can repair the relationships between victims and offenders and society. We developed our first relational audit tool to assess relationships between prisoners and prison officers.

We built on these tools in our Relational healthcare project looking at inter-professional and inter-organisational relationships in public health and primary care. Most recently we have supported the Care Quality Commission in the assessment of relationships in the new Local System Reviews.

We have continued to advise organisations and policymakers on approaches to assessing relationships and creating environments that sustain relationships. This is summarised in The Relational Lens.

Our work on how public policy might best support family relationships included successful lobbying for the introduction of the Family Test on policy as well a widely quoted estimate of the costs of relationship breakdown.

Our approach to social change has always been to incubate and host (and in many cases spin-off) a range of campaigns and initiatives. These include:

- Convening the Keep Sunday Special campaign which seeks to protect shared time for families and communities

- Launching Allia, an independent not for profit with a social mission, dedicated to helping impact organisations and initiatives to grow through inspiring workspaces, effective support and innovative social finance

- Being a founding member of the international Relational Thinking Network 

- Incubating the Marriage Foundation

- Incubating the Family Stability Network and its launch project, Status, a social media project providing relationship support for 16-25 year-olds