- what we do -

The Relational Schools Foundation was formed in early 2014 by Relational Research Ltd and the Relationships Foundation, a charitable think tank ‘for a better connected society’, to improve how schools and the people who spend their daily lives studying and working in them, understand, value and enact their relationships with one another. Through our work, we seek to influence schools’ policy and organisational practice with a relational agenda, demonstrating the efficacy of a relational approach to the achievement of a broad range of educational outcomes.

Our vision is to improve society by strengthening the quality of relationships between people, starting with children in schools.

By applying Relational Thinking - a framework of thought and a system of political economy which challenges both individualism and materialism - and measuring the quality of relationships with a robust, tried and tested empirical tool, we aim to build ‘relational capital’ in the lives of students, teachers, families and communities by supporting positive and evidence-based change in:

  • the way schools are organised;
  • the way schools conduct their practice with respect to teaching, learning, leadership and management; and
  • the way system-level organisations and authorities influence school practice through policy or regulation.

For a more detailed overview of what we mean by ‘relational capital’, see this paper.