- what we do -

The power of the Relational Schools Foundation’s offer is that it doesn’t just propose to measure relational capability; it proposes to help schools build it too, addressing problems and enabling improved and sustainable practice. By supporting the development of ‘relational capital’ in schools, we seek to strengthen the quality of relationships, and thereby improve society.

Our intervention engagements - often but not exclusively following a survey - help schools evaluate their relational qualities and support positive change.

We carry out organisation development work with schools and school groups, with a focus on developing relational capacity in leadership and management practices, as well as in the classroom. What our data shows us, and what a great deal of research from the fields of human resource management and behavioural science backs up, is that improved relationships enable the achievement of organisational and social goals. Much of our work is focused on how to bring about positive cultural change, or on leadership development, strategic planning, and organisational change.

An important aspect of our intervention offer comprises training and advocacy, transferring knowledge and theory into practice in client schools and through conferences, both in the UK and overseas.