Relationships, Character Development and Expeditionary Experiences

Relational Schools, commissioned by The Challenger Trust, has teamed up with production company Oskie Creative to explore the impact of expeditionary experiences on the character development of young people.

We often speak about the “bad characters” in our world; those who, wherever you look, reveal the kinds of distasteful or damaging characteristics that run right through their thoughts and behaviours. Likewise, we talk of people being of “good character”.

Aristotle speaks of a tripartite process of character development. He describes the “telos” (or the goal) and the “virtues” or strengths of character that lead to that goal. Perhaps more important is the means  by which these “strengths” turn into habits and become second nature. Of primary concern to us, therefore, is the relational context in which these behaviours develop.

This report, and the film we have made to showcase the research, celebrates the importance of learning outside of the classroom.

For some children a week’s residential experience is worth more than a term of school. We know we want it for our own children – we need to make sure other people’s children experience it too.

Tim Brighouse, former London Schools Commissioner

Our report will be launched on Wednesday 8th March at Millbank Tower.

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