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The trustees of the Relationships Foundation are pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Rob Loe as the Foundations's new Chief Executive Officer. Rob has led the Relational Schools Project (which has been hosted by Relationships Foundation since March 2017) since it launched five years ago. He will continue to direct and deliver existing schools work and develop a range of exciting new schools-focused projects. This new role will also enable him to build on Relational Schools' success, continuing to draw on the skills and expertise of the RF team, and work with them in realising the broader objectives of the Relationships Foundation.

Relationships Foundation was established in 1994. Its first project on Relational Justice looked at how a criminal justice system can repair the relationships between victims and offenders and offenders and society. The first relational audit tool, which underpins much of our schools work, was developed in the course of this project to assess relationships between prisoners and prison officers.

The Relational healthcare project looking at inter-professional and inter-organisational relationships in public health and primary care enabled further development and application of these tool. Most recently RF has supported the Care Quality Commission in the assessment of relationships in the new Local Systems Reviews.

RF has continued to advise organisations and policymakers on approaches to assessing relationships and creating environments that sustain relationships - work that is summarised in The Relational Lens.

Commenting on his appointment, Rob said: "I am delighted to have been entrusted with leadership of the Foundation's vital work at such an important time. We know now from a growing body of research that relational wealth is a stronger indicator of happiness and healthiness throughout our lives than material wealth, and that social isolation and exclusion results in shorter, unhappier, and unhealthier lives. And yet the majority of policy and practice in the public and private spheres prioritises competition and individualism at the expense of belonging and connection. We believe there is a much better way to enable human flourishing, and to realise the social, economic and moral benefits that flow from that. Moreover, our research and experience in a range of sectors tells us that relationships can be influenced effectively and intentionally; that we can create the conditions within which people are more likely to form and conduct effective relationships. I very much look forward to working with my colleagues and the Foundation's Trustees to realise these aims, building on the success and continuing work of Relational Schools."

Rob takes over from the outgoing Chief Executive, Michael Trend, who is retiring after ten years at the think tank for a better connected society.


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