The research-based underpinning of our work at Relational Schools is the Relational Proximity framework®. This book explains the framework and its 5 dimensions of Relational Proximity, providing an academic exploration of their use and usefulness. Through these dimensions, the framework measures the amount of relational access individuals have to one another, thus enabling management to address organisation-wide relationship problems and strengthen the relational infrastructure on which productivity depends.

The book is useful for people in a wide variety of roles, but we want to highlight its importance to teachers and other educational leaders. As the title says, the framework provides a ‘lens’, or a fresh way to view education. It provides a research-based and transparent means of measuring relational proximity, generating insight for practitioners and policymakers. Furthermore, the 5 dimensions provide a language for constructive thought about how to create more relational communities and organisations.

Ashcroft, J. et al. (2015) The Relational Lens: Understanding, measuring and managing stakeholder relationships. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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