We Are Crew - building relationships through expeditionary learning at XP school

Welcome to our new documentary!

 'We Are Crew' is a 45 minute film, exploring the importance of relationships as a foundation for successful teaching and learning. It follows a group of students at the XP School in Doncaster and, through our research, demonstrates how relational approaches to learning - in this case, an Outward Bound course -provide and extraordinarily rich context for building trust between children and with their teachers. We explore the impact of an expeditionary-learning led curricula on students' character, resilience, engagement and learning outcomes. 

The film is available for a small fee on Vimeo, here. 

As a charity, we have chosen to charge a small fee for resources like this, so we can continue to provide our research services at as low cost to schools as possible. We hope you feel it is a worthwhile investment in your professional development, and your understanding of this important field more generally.



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